The Adair County Health Department is one of 16 public health departments in Missouri providing an Abbot ID NOW COVID-19 Instrument. The Abbot ID NOW provides results for COVID-19 tests within 90 minutes of taking it. These tests will be processed by Northeast Regional Medical Center for Adair, Randolph, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, Sullivan, Linn, Knox, Macon, and Chariton counties. This rapid testing is targeted towards vulnerable populations, including healthcare workers, first responders, law enforcement, fire department staff, and adults who are 65 and older. This also includes people with underlying health conditions such as chronic lung disease, liver disease, and serious heart conditions. The ID Now tests require only a nasal or oral swab which can then be transported to the testing facility without the use of the medium required by current testing procedures. So far, the state has provided 48 test kits and cartridges needed for the ID NOW tests. The Adair County testing site is targeted to receive 300 to 350 kits and cartridges per week when supplies become available to the state. The surrounding counties will also have ID NOW test kits in the coming days and weeks. Currently, in Adair County Northeast Regional Medical Center, Complete Family Center, and the Northeast Missouri Health Council have these tests available. The Adair County Ambulance District also has ID NOW test kits available for patients and first responders.