The Attorney Genreal’s Office has committed a Randolph County resident as a sexually violent predator. John Matheis was found to be a sexually violent predator by a Randolph County jury.

Matheis was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse in 1994 in Randolph County for sexually abusing his six year old granddaughter. During the investigation related to sexually abusing his granddaughter, more victims came forward and disclosed sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of Mathies. Matheis was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his 1994 offense, but when given opportunities on parole, his offending continued.

Matheis was charged with a new offense in Randolph County in 2014 and a new offense in Boone County in 2015. These cases were dismissed when Matheis’s parole was revoked, each time returning to prison. While serving his sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections, another victim came forward, writing a letter detailing the horrific sexual abuse she suffered from Matheis when she was an eight year old girl.

Matheis is in the custody of the Department of Mental Health for treatment until he is safe to be at large.