Plank Blames Two Senators For Legislature’s Dysfunction

Many bills, including a number with bipartisan support, failed to make it across the finish line in the session that ended last week. Columbia Democratic State Representative Adrian Plank placed most of the blame squarely on two Republicans for filibusters in the Senate.

Mike Moon, from Ash Grove, filibustered after a bill extending Medicaid coverage for new mothers had passed. Then, Bill Eigel, from Weldon Spring, held up business wanting a vote on property tax cuts instead of sports wagering.

Plank mentioned a ban on foreign ownership of Missouri farmland as one of the bills he wanted passed that was not. He said he was pleased that some partisan bills that infringed on local control failed to make it out.

Plank said his newsletter to constituents will likely go out every other week, instead of weekly, until the next session.