North Shelby Superintendent Reacts to Proposition Raiders Failure in Special Election

The lone measure on Shelby County Ballots during Tuesday’s special election was the North Shelby School District’s Proposition Raiders. The proposal would have increased the operating levy from $3.9019 to $5.3519 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation for staff salaries, facility maintenance, and operating expenses. The measure was defeated by a vote of 285-197. Superintendent Tinna Croy says the final result surprised her.

Polling stations were located in Leonard and Shelbyville. Croy says she understands both sides of the vote.

Croy adds the staff salary increases are needed to get the district in line with the rest of the state.

District officials are concerned that if they’re unable to increase staff salaries, programs and teaching positions could be cut in the future. The North Shelby School District plans to run a similar ballot measure in a future election.