After the bitterly divisive impeachment vote Wednesday night, Republicans and Democrats now tussle over the next major fault line: who gets to claim credit for ratifying USMCA. With the NAFTA replacement up for a vote in the House Thursday, lawmakers are lavishing accolades on their respective sides for their role in advancing the agreement. Agri-Pulse says Republicans are praising President Trump for demanding that NAFTA be renegotiated. However, Democrats say the changes they demanded are what makes the agreement work. During the early days of negotiations, Democrats said they wouldn’t support the agreement unless it discouraged U.S. companies from relocating to Mexico. Democrats add that new measures in USMCA will allow for unions nationwide in Mexico and eventually push wages higher within that country. Republicans point out that it’s been over a year since the new agreement was signed, saying Democrats’ obsession with impeachment has kept a vital agreement from getting approved.