National FFA Convention Beginning Early For Several Missourians

The gavel won’t drop to officially start the 96th National FFA Convention until Wednesday night, but several Missourians are already in Indianapolis to discuss the organization’s business and pursue national titles.  Missouri FFA Executive Secretary Teresa Briscoe notes that two state officers have key committee roles reviewing parts of National FFA’s policies.

Several FFA members have also made the trip early to compete in contests and complete interviews.

Missouri FFA Executive Secretary Teresa Briscoe notes that the state will again have the most American Degree recipients with 608.


National Proficiency Award Results

Dane Christy, Atlanta – Poultry Production
Carlee Long, Paris – Agricultural Sales (Entrepreneurship)
Nash McKenzie, Boonville – Diversified Horticulture
Baylor Montgomery, Brookfield – Veterinary Science
Kaleb Peak, Wellsville-Middletown – Swine Production (Placement)
Aiden Plenge, Clark County – Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production
Ashley Sjostrand, Ashland – Diversified Livestock Production
Kendra Zeilstra, Brunswick – Fruit Production

Gold Emblem
Noelle Abend, Rich Hill – Agriscience Research (Plant Systems)
Macy Bader, Hermann – Landscape Management
Aislynn Baker, Atlanta – Forage Production
Rachel Baretich, Belle – Wildlife Production & Management
Nicole Benne, Warrenton – Forage Management & Products
Jace Ellis, Montgomery County – Nursery Operations
Tyler Fenner, Sweet Springs – Diversified Agricultural Production
Mason Forkner, Nevada – Swine Production (Entrepreneurship)
Mary Keune, Brookfield – Goat Production
Austen Minnick, Chillicothe – Turf Grass Management
Alexis Mullins, St James – Equine Science (Placement)
Garrett Scheetz, Hallsville – Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management
Clayton Schwieter, South Shelby – Equine Science (Entrepreneurship)
Makenna Stundebeck, Salisbury – Agricultural Education
Kasidy Wilcox, Cameron – Specialty Animal Production

Silver Emblem
Abigail Burns, Gallatin – Agriscience Research (Animal Systems)
Aaron Carter, Audrain County (Community) R-VI – Agricultural Mechanics (Repair & Maintenance – Ent.)
Treasure Clark, McDonald County – Dairy Production (Placement)
Auburn Cole, Milan – Sheep Production
Madison Dent, Warrenton – Small Animal Production & Care
Michael Dierking, Santa Fe – Diversified Crop Production (Entrepreneurship)
Hailey Gentry, Pleasant Hill – Agricultural Mechanics (Design & Fabrication)
Cody Homfeld, Lexington – Agricultural Mechanics (Repair & Maintenance – Placement)
Joseph Keane, Columbia – Beef Production (Placement)
Colin McIntyre, Belton – Agricultural Communications
Kylie Nolan, Silex – Vegetable Production
Weston Piper, Hermitage – Beef Production (Entrepreneurship)
Emily Schreiner, Chillicothe – Grain Production
Clara Smith, Pleasant Hope – Agriscience Research (Integrated Systems)
Allison Steffen, Marshfield – Agricultural Sales (Placement)
Annamarie Stone, Centralia – Agricultural Services
Ben Taylor, Ashland – Diversified Crop Production (Placement)
Whitney Yerina, Conway – Dairy Production (Entrepreneurship)

Bronze Emblem
Erin Bash, Clark County – Outdoor Recreation
Ali Reid, Concordia – Service Learning
GraceAnn Skelton, Richmond – Agricultural Processing

Agriscience Fair Results

Ellie Samek, Bolivar – Animal Systems (Division 3)
Abigail Burns, Gallatin – Environmental Services & Natural Resource Systems (Division 5)
Cally Rains, Tuscumbia – Food Products & Processing Systems (Division 3)
Caleb Simpson, Bolivar – Food Products & Processing Systems (Division 5)
Aiden Snodgrass, Tuscumbia – Power, Structural & Technical Systems (Division 3)
Maddie Blankenship, Tuscumbia – Social Science (Division 3)

Bronze Emblem
Ashlyn Klippenstein & Karlee Brown, Maysville – Animal Systems (Division 4)
Aaron Carter, Audrain Co. (Community) R-VI – Animal Systems (Division 5)
Garrett Bray & Kaleb Jestes, Maysville – Animal Systems (Division 6)
Colin Stokes, Tuscumbia – Environmental Services & Natural Resource Systems (Division 3)
Loraine Arciniegas & Maddyson Alexander – Food Products & Processing Systems (Division 4)
Wesley Poston & Kelsie Clark, Maysville – Food Products & Processing Systems (Division 6)
Reagan Ahart, Tuscumbia – Plant Systems (Division 3)
Kenzie Bader & Lexi Perryman – Plant Systems (Division 4)
Jalynn Rogers & Mary Grace Warden, Bolivar – Plant Systems (Division 6)
Addison Rogers & Gracie Pulley – Power, Structural & Technical Systems (Division 4)
Matt Booth, Bolivar – Power, Structural & Technical Systems (Division 5)
Nicholas Van Schynder, Mexico – Social Science (Division 5)