The Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) has announced changes to its by-laws for this summer.

At its meeting on Thursday, it was decided that the summertime dead period and the summer limits on contact between coaches and athletes are optional this summer. The decision also lifts the limit of just 20 days of contact.

This decision opens the door for possible summer contests, if the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the stay at home order is lifted. In a news release, MSHSAA Executive Director Dr. Kerwin Urhahn said, “Hopefully, this will allow schools to play contests against other schools to provide closure and recognition for students and allow teams and kids to play together this summer.”

However, Urhahn stressed that this does not guarantee summer contests, saying, “The first thing that needs to be clearly understood is that all decisions about anything summer-related must first be approved, cleared and deemed safe by the CDC, State and Local Health Departments, the Governor, and local Mayors.”

If summer contests happen, graduating seniors will still be viewed as enrolled students through the summer. All decisions made by MSHSAA on Thursday are in effect for this summer only.