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MRMC Seeing More COVID Patients-Health Department Preaching Prevention

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued a COVID-19 Hotspot Advisory for Randolph, Macon, and Adair counties today (Wed.). Department officials said disease spread from southwestern and central Missouri is expected to move to the northeast along Highway 63. CEO at Moberly Regional Medical Center, Brent Parsons told KWIX Doctor’s Office listeners that they have seen more COVID patients….

Vaccination rates are 24.2 percent in Randolph County, 33.3 percent in Adair County, and 28.4 percent in Macon County. Experts say at least 70 to 80 percent of people need immunity to minimize spread within a community. Randolph County Health Department Administrator Sharon Whisenand (WHIZ-uh-nand) said prevention measures are like layers of swiss cheese….

RN Dawn Martin and Whisenand said those that are homebound can still receive the COVID vaccine….

In the past 14 days, Randolph County reported 75 total cases, Adair County has reported 69 total cases, and Macon County reported 39 total cases.

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