Most Missouri Crops Welcomed Last Week’s Excessive Heat

Last week’s above-average temperatures and high humidity proved to be a boon for some of Missouri’s crops, according to the weekly USDA Crop Progress report.  The weekly update indicated that as of Sunday, 41 percent of corn was rated good to excellent, up six points from a week ago.  Soybeans also saw some improvement, with 49 percent of the crop listed in good to excellent shape, a gain of five points.  However, drought-stressed crops in poor or very poor shape didn’t show much improvement, with 36 percent of corn once again in subpar condition this week, along with 21 percent of soybeans.  One-sixth of Missouri’s corn is mature, with 76 percent denting and all but four percent of the crop in the doughing stage.  97 percent of Missouri’s beans are blooming, with 89 percent setting pods.

Rice harvest is already underway in the Bootheel, with the first one percent out of the ground.  That’s in line with the five-year average and ahead of last year’s start.  91 percent of the crop has headed, six points behind a year ago and three points off the five-year average.  Still, 81 percent of the crop is rated good to excellent, up six points on the week.  Three-fourths of cotton are rated good to excellent, up five points from a week ago.  Cotton fields in poor condition increased to three percent.  The first two percent of bolls have opened, compared to nine percent a year ago and the five-year average of 15 percent.  Five percent of cotton plants have yet to set any bolls.

76 percent of alfalfa fields have received a third cutting, one point off the five-year average but two points better than a year ago.  The heat naturally caused problems to Missouri’s pastures, as just 20 percent of fields are still in good condition, down eight points.  Fields rated poor or very poor are unchanged on 41 percent.  74 percent of farmers report continued shortage of hay supply, while just 31 percent say they’re short on stock water.  Average rainfall around the state totaled 0.68″, down 0.09″ from the average.  62 percent of topsoil and 51 percent of subsoil have adequate to surplus moisture.  An average of 6.1 days were suitable for fieldwork.  Temperatures were 6.8 degrees above normal, averaging 82.9°F around the state.