More Reaction to Supreme Court’s WOTUS Decision

U.S. agriculture groups continue reacting positively to the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling in the Sackett vs. EPA case that rejected the Biden Administration’s WOTUS definition. “Cattle producers can breathe a sigh of relief,” says National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Todd Wilkinson. “This decision refocuses the Clean Water Act on protecting our water through regulatory clarity.” The Fertilizer Institute also welcomed the decision. “The decision to strike down the ‘significant nexus’ test is a win for agriculture,” says TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch. “This is a great first step to needed clarity for the fertilizer industry’s long-term planning and capital investments that will allow us to keep providing critical crop nutrients.” The National Pork Producers Council called the decision a “tremendous victory” for pork producers. “This ruling is a clear punctuation point after decades of attempts to expand the federal government’s control of private land,” says NPPC Vice President Duane Stateler.