Missouri’s Final Corn, Soybean Harvest Totals Released

While yields improved compared to their initial drought-depressed forecasts, harvested acreage dictated the direction of Missouri’s grain production in 2023, with a 12-percent increase for corn and 3.5-percent decrease for soybeans.

USDA’s Annual Crop Production Report released Friday found that Missouri corn production totaled just over 561.5 million bushels, following a 560,000 acre jump in harvested area to 3.67 million.  While USDA held their area firm, yield rebounded from the forecast of 143 bushels per acre back in August.  However, USDA’s final figure of 153 bushels per acre is eight bushels lower than a year ago and six shy of the figure from 2021.  110,000 acres of corn was chopped for silage, down 40,000 from a year ago.  An improved yield of 14 tons per acre resulted in just a drop of 110,000 tons of corn silage this year to 1.54 million tons.

Despite yields recovering to 48 bushels per acre, Missouri’s soybean farmers brought in just under 265 million bushels, a net drop of 9.9 million.  While yield was 2.5 bushels stronger than last year, it was still down one bushel compared to 2021.  Harvested area totaled 5.52 million acres, down 8.5 percent.  This year’s harvest proved stronger than USDA’s initial forecast of under 250 million bushels on a weaker yield.

Production trends were also reflected in Friday’s quarterly grain stocks report.  As of December 1st, 409.3 million bushels of corn were on hand across Missouri, up 13 percent from a year ago.  300 million were stored on the farm, up 40 million bushels, while 109 million were elsewhere in the state, eight million more than the previous year.  Missouri soybean stockpiles were 12 percent tighter at 176.2 million bushels.  110 million were positioned on the farm, down 20 million from last year, while 66 million bushels had made their way to the elevator, down 3.8 million.