Missouri Soybeans Continues Pursuit Of Value-Added Production

While Missouri already dedicates over 5.5 million acres each year to soybean production, commodity leaders are hoping to become a net importer of the commodity, in an effort to produce more products with the oilseed.  A study released earlier this year by the University of Missouri and funded by the soy checkoff identified ways to create more value-added opportunities for the region’s soybean growers, with focus on feed, food use and industrial use.  Matt Amick of Missouri Soybeans recently received a new title to reflect the initiative, Director of Market Development.

Amick says a pair of major developments this year will help spur more soy use in Missouri and surrounding states.

Matt Amick of Missouri Soybeans says programs to increase soy consumption overseas, notably fish ponds and other aquaculture developments, could be replicated closer to home.