Missouri Set To Harvest Additional 190k Corn Acres

Nearly a fourth of the acres added in Tuesday’s Crop Production report to this year’s corn harvest total are in Missouri.  USDA’s monthly update now calls for the state’s farmers to harvest 3.67 million acres this fall, a jump of 190,000 from last month’s projection, as well as a net gain of 550,000 acres from a year ago.  With yield increased by two bushels per acre to 145, Missouri is now poised to bring in 30 million more bushels than last year, at 532.15 million.  There was no change to Missouri’s soybean acreage or projected yield.  The state is still on track to have a total harvest of 249.75 million bushels, down nine percent from last year, with 5.55 million harvested acres and a yield of 45 bushels per acre.

An extra 13,000 acres of rice will be harvested this fall.  The Bootheel’s total rice area of 203,000 is 54,000 better than last year.  With yield still at 8000 pounds per acre, the state’s rice harvest is predicted to rise 37 percent to 1.62 billion pounds.  All but 7000 acres are expected to be short grain varieties.  The extra rice acres appear to come at cotton’s expense, as Missouri is now projected to harvest 330,000 acres, 15,000 fewer than forecast last month.  However, yield was increased from August to 1120 pounds per acre, still 80 pounds fewer than last year.  Total harvest of 770,000 bales is now projected, down 12 percent.