With the first month of signups nearly concluded, USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program has distributed just over $146 million to Missouri farmers. USDA’s weekly update shows that Missouri farmers have submitted just over 22,000 applications for aid from the department, claiming losses from commodity price declines since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. Missouri continues to have the most applications for aid to cover livestock losses, three more than Oklahoma at 14,825. However, Missourians have received $103 million to cover those losses, nearly $40 million less than Oklahoma and roughly half of what Iowa farmers have received. Another $38.6 million is covering losses from non-specialty crops, while dairy farmers have successfully claimed $4.2 million, and specialty crop producers have received $79,000.

Nationally, a fourth of the $16 billion allocated for CFAP payments have been distributed by USDA. Iowa farmers have received over 10 percent of the funds, including $205 million for livestock, $191 million for non-specialty crops, and $27 million for dairy.