Harvested corn acreage increased across Missouri last fall, but lower yields resulted in a smaller production total for the state. USDA’s Annual Crop Production Report for 2021, released Wednesday, indicated that 548.8 million bushels were harvested by Missouri growers last year, a two-percent decline from the previous year. Harvested acreage totaled 3.43 million, a 4.5 percent increase, and 50,000 more acres than the November forecast. However, the 11-bushel-per-acre drop in yield remains, with fields around the state averaging just 160 bushels per acre. By comparison, yield nationwide will set a new record of 177 bushels per acre, up 5.6 bushels from the previous year. The record yield along with a four-percent increase in harvested area will result in the 2021 corn crop totaling 15.1 billion bushels, an increase of seven percent. Area harvested for grain totaled 85.4 million acres. Missouri farmers also harvested 70,000 acres of corn for silage, with total production amounting to 1.05 million tons. That’s a drop from the previous year by 38 percent.

The quarterly grain stocks figures were also released Wednesday by USDA, which showed just under 338 million bushels on hand in Missouri as of December first, a drop of 15 percent year over year. 230 million bushels were in grain bins across the state’s farms, while close to 108 million had already made their way to the elevator. Missouri elevators also had just over a million bushels of sorghum on hand. Nationwide corn stocks were up three percent from the previous year at 11.6 billion bushels, with off-farm stocks up four percent at 4.41 billion bushels. Disappearance over the fall totaled 4.7 billion bushels, a slight decrease from 2020.