Missouri Corn Harvest Passes Halfway Mark; Cotton Harvest Finally Begins

Missouri’s farmers entered October with their corn harvest halfway done, and focus now shifting to soybeans and other crops.  USDA’s Crop Progress report indicates that 52 percent of this season’s corn is now in the bin, an 18-point move on the week and five points better than the five-year average.  Six percent of the crop has not yet reached maturity.  The final corn crop condition rating of the year has 65 percent of the remaining crop in good or excellent shape, versus nine percent poor or very poor.  Meanwhile, 11 percent of soybeans have been harvested, in line with the five-year average and one week ahead of last year’s pace.  Two-thirds of the crop have dropped leaves, and 88 percent have turned color.  63 percent are rated good to excellent, compared to nine percent poor or very poor.  Winter wheat is six percent planted, just off last year’s pace and three points behind average.

The combines have finally entered the Bootheel’s cotton fields.  Two percent of the crop was harvested in the past week, compared to seven percent last year and the five-year average of 16 percent.  80 percent have opened their bolls, 15 points behind a year ago and nine points off the average.  Conditions slipped in the past week, with 65 percent rated good against seven percent poor.  Rice harvested is now 54 percent complete, two points ahead of a year ago but 15 behind average pace.  Two-thirds of the remaining crop is rated good to excellent, while just two percent is poor.  5.5 days were suitable for fieldwork.

Pastures continue to endure dry conditions, with 41 percent in good or excellent condition, compared to 14 percent poor or very poor.  11 percent of Missouri farmers are believed to be short on hay supply, compared to five percent with a surplus.  One in six farmers lack adequate stock water.  41 percent of topsoil and 36 percent of subsoil lack adequate moisture, compared to just one percent of topsoil with a surplus.