Mexico Doubling Down On Plans To Ban GMO Corn Imports

The Mexican government is pressing forward with its plans to ban the import of genetically engineered corn and similar products.  Mexican officials issued a new decree calling for an immediate ban on imports of biotech corn used for certain purposes.  However, the decree would continue to allow imports used as animal feed while exploring substitutes. Once substitutes are established to satisfy supply needs, all GM corn will be banned.

The National Corn Growers Association expressed serious concern with the accelerated implementation timeline. NCGA President Tom Haag says, “Singling out corn – our number one ag export to Mexico – and hastening an import ban on numerous food-grade uses makes USMCA a dead letter unless it’s enforced.” NCGA warns that the ban would be catastrophic for American corn growers as well as the Mexican people, who depend on corn as a major staple of their food supply.

NCGA continues to call on the Biden administration to initiate a U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement dispute settlement panel regarding the issue.  Late last week, Chief Ag Negotiator Doug McKalip said Mexico failed to provide any scientific rationale for their ban, which was originally planned to take effect early next year.

From NAFB News Service