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Linn County Prosecuting Attorney and Marceline Police Chief Discuss Fractured Relationship

Linn County Prosecuting Attorney Shiante McMahon accused the Marceline Police Department of hatred, racism and sexism in a Facebook post Monday. McMahon included an image of one of her campaign shirts covered in explicit language. Marceline Police Chief Robert Donelson notes the picture stems from an incident in March of 2020.

McMahon says she needs more evidence to determine if it was one rogue officer who later resigned.

Donelson indicates the Marceline Police Department hasn’t communicated with McMahon in several months.

McMahon evaluates her relationship with the Marceline Police Department. asked McMahon how the Linn County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Marceline Police Department proceed.

McMahon has been the Linn County prosecuting attorney since January of 2019.

WARNING: Here is a link to McMahon’s Facebook post. The image contains graphic language.

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