Lincoln University’s Research Farms Branching Out Into Agroforestry

Two of Lincoln University’s three research farms near their Jefferson City campus will soon feature plots exploring the several ways that agroforestry can bring economic benefit to farmers as well as improved soil health.  Dr Sougata Bardhan, assistant professor for soil nutrient management, is conducting his research on the Busby Farm.

Bardhan notes that thousands of acres owned or operated by minority farmers are woodlands that aren’t currently producing value, and that agroforestry can open up that potential while preserving soil health.

Bardhan plans to expand his research to Lincoln’s primary farm, named for George Washington Carver.  Here, Bardhan plans to explore the use of alley cropping.

Lincoln University assistant professor of Natural Resource Management Dr Sougata Bardhan joined Lincoln’s faculty last year after completing post-doctoral work at the University of Missouri’s Center for Agroforestry outside New Franklin.