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Kirksville Police Seize Counterfeit Money

The Kirksville Police Department has seized two counterfeit 100 dollar bills at a downtown business. In the past, Kirksville Police have investigated and seized counterfeit 100 dollar bills that were commercially produced and marked with “For Motion Picture Use Only.” These bills are meant to be used as props. However, the counterfeit bills discovered earlier this week are marked on the front and back with the word “GECERSIZDIR” which is Turkish for “non-negotiable” or “not valid.” These counterfeit bills have previously been spotted in the midwest as recently as 2018. This includes an investigation conducted by the Quincy Police Department in July 2017. Kirksville Police remind residents that it is not illegal to possess prop or counterfeit bills, however, it is illegal to use these bills in place of legal currency. They also remind businesses and citizens to be on the lookout for any other counterfeit money that they may come in contact with.

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