The USDA’s forecast last week of 181-point-eight bushels per acre of corn was higher than most trader estimates, but one firm in the Kansas City metro has an even bigger projection. Main Street Data of Mission, Kansas announced ahead of Wednesday’s Crop Production report they expect corn yields to exceed 183 bushels per acre. Bob McClure, chief data scientist for Main Street Data, explains their methodology.

McClure says while the company is three years old, they have data points going back 20 years to help shape their forecasts. He says their projection for last year’s crop was nearly identical to USDA’s final figures of 169 bushels per acre.

McClure notes that while the USDA projects a record soybean yield of 53-point-three bushels per acre, his firm has a more modest increase at 51-point-two. He adds that they are reviewing satellite imagery and additional data points to determine what impact last week’s storms through Iowa might have on their projections.