Howard County Parched As Most Of Missouri Gains Moisture

Most of Missouri is trending out of drought, but one county in the middle of the state is going in the opposite direction.  The weekly US Drought Monitor shows the eastern and central parts of Howard County entering abnormal dryness in the past week, even as Boone and Callaway counties exited post-drought coverage.  A majority of Cooper County is also abnormally dry, remaining one of the longest-impacted regions in Missouri.

The downgrade in Howard County’s condition comes as the last patch of drought in Missouri continues to shrink.  Just the western edge of Barton County and southwestern corner of Vernon County remain in moderate drought, while southern Jasper and western Newton counties return to normal moisture.  Abnormal dryness in Atchison and Scotland counties are unchanged, resulting in 3.1 percent of Missouri experiencing moderate drought or abnormal dryness.