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Hog Population Maintains Two-Percent Reduction From Year-Ago Levels

The nation’s hog population remains two percent smaller than a year ago, according to this quarter’s update from USDA. The Hogs and Pigs report indicates that as of June 1st, 75,653,000 hogs were on hand across the nation, with 6,230,000 kept for breeding and 69,423,000 destined for market. Compared to three months ago, the overall population increased by 740,000. 33,584,000 pigs were farrowed during the spring, down three percent, from 3,067,000 sows. The pigs saved per litter rate slipped slightly at 10.95. Producers anticipate 6,199,000 sows will farrow in the next six months, which would also be a three-percent decline from last year.

Missouri’s hog population contracted significantly in the past year, with an 11-percent drop reported in both market and breeding hog populations. The state’s producers started June with 3,400,000 hogs on hand, down 100,000 from the start of spring and 400,000 from a year ago. 2,975,000 were destined for market while 425,000 were kept for breeding. Missouri saw an increase in the number of hogs weighing between 120 and 179 pounds, while all other weight classes witnessed a decline. 230,000 sows farrowed this spring, down 15,000, producing 2,507,000 pigs, bringing the pigs saved per litter rate down to 10.90. 460,000 sows are expected to farrow in the next six months.

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