Hog Inventory Slips During Spring

Hog inventory contraction continued through the spring months, with the nation’s producers starting June with just over 72.5 million head.  According to USDA’s quarterly hogs and pigs report, the June first population is down one percent from a year ago, and a net drop of 95,000 head from March.  The one-percent year-over-year drop was uniform, with 6.17 million head kept for breeding and 66.4 million hogs destined for market.  Just under three million sows farrowed during the spring, producing 32.9 million pigs.  That resulted in an average of 11 pigs saved per litter, slightly better than a year ago and last winter.  Farmers intend to have just over six million sows farrow over the next six months.

Missouri farms had 50,000 fewer hogs on hand to start June.  Overall population totaled 3.2 million, with 2.77 million destined for market.  The 430,000 hogs kept for breeding is a slight increase from a year ago.  225,000 sows farrowed in the spring, producing 2.41 million pigs, bringing the pigs saved per litter down from last year to 10.7.  455,000 sows are expected to farrow in the next six months, up 10,000 from last year’s totals.