Heavy Rainfall Provides Boost To Pasture, Rowcrop Conditions

Last week’s heavy rainfall through northern and eastern Missouri fueled much-needed improvement for the state’s pastures and rowcrops.  The weekly Crop Progress update from USDA determined that 13 percent of pastures were in good condition, more than doubling the figure from last week as an average of 2.68″ of rain fell across the state.  58 percent of pastures remain poor or very poor, a 13-point drop on the week.  The heavy rains resulted in an average of 3.7 days suitable for fieldwork, bringing mowers to a standstill.  Only five percent of Missouri’s alfalfa fields received a mowing in the past week.  That places the number of fields having been cut thrice to 35 percent, seven points behind average.  Six percent of fields still need a second cutting.  95 percent of other hay has been cut.

Rowcrops saw some quality improvement compared to the previous week.  29 percent of corn fields are in good to excellent condition, a four-point gain on the week.  43 percent of fields are rated poor or very poor, a one-point-drop.  70 percent of the crop has reached the doughing stage, six points ahead of normal and the five-year average.  32 percent of soybeans are considered good to excellent, also better than last week by four points.  However, beans listed in poor or very poor shape remain at 34 percent.  86 percent of soybeans are blooming while 61 percent have set pods.

The Bootheel’s cotton saw significant boll setting this past week, with 78 percent of the crop now at this stage.  That’s 11 points better than a year ago and 10 points ahead of normal pace, after spending much of the summer trailing prior marks.  Conditions are unchanged with 70 percent good to excellent against three percent poor.  Rice conditions weakened slightly but are still solid with three-fourths of the crop rated good to excellent.  70 percent of the crop has headed.

Stock water supplies are replenished for many Missouri farmers, with 45 percent reporting adequate levels and one percent with a surplus.  However, just 19 percent have adequate hay supplies.  51 percent of Missouri topsoil and 41 percent of subsoil have adequate to surplus moisture.  Temperatures around the state averaged 78°F, about two degrees above normal.