Grain Deals Keeping Ukrainian Farmers Afloat Amid Continued War

Attendees at this week’s Missouri Agriculture Outlook Conference in Columbia had the chance to hear what farmers in Ukraine have endured since Russia’s invasion of the country nearly 14 months ago.  Svitlana Synkovska, a native of Ukraine now with Agribusiness Consulting Research, presented on the impact the invasion has had on commodity prices and trade around the world, as well as efforts to reopen Ukraine’s ports and provide safe shipping corridors for its grain exports.  Synkovska tells Regional Radio that while the grain deal brokered by Türkiye and the United Nations was a game changer for Ukraine, it’s also been of benefit to Russia’s plans.

Another area of significant uncertainty is the role, if any, that China will take in the conflict.  Synkovska says China was once a reliable trading partner with Ukraine, but may be growing too close to the Kremlin for comfort.

Svitlana Synkovska of Agribusiness Consulting Research notes that Ukraine is also sending grain through Europe by way of solidarity corridors, but that farmers in neighboring countries are beginning to blame the shipments for lower commodity prices.