The Great Lakes Valley Conference provided an update on its assessment of the upcoming sports seasons this afternoon (Fri.), but offered no final decision at this point. In the statement, the GLVC said it is putting forth its best effort for returning to athletic competition for the 2020-21 academic year, understanding that ultimately the final decision could be affected by guidelines put forth by Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri state and local government, as well as testing and safety protocols released Thursday by the NCAA.

The GLVC released the following steps taken over the past few months with the hopes of returning to campus and competition:
-consulted with GLVC Council of Presidents and Chancellors about emerging issues and established monthly update meetings.
-conducted weekly meetings with GLVC Athletics Directors to assess the Conference, regional and national landscape.
-considered both traditional and non-traditional scheduling for all fall sports, including a delayed start, conference-only play and moving fall and the start of winter sports to the spring.
-discussed spectators versus no spectators, and how social distancing guidelines impact tickets, seating, concessions, restrooms, etc.
-developed GLVC COVID-19 Guiding Principles for Return to Campus/Return to Competition.
-established a GLVC Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Task Force Recommendations for COVID-19 safety protocol in consultation with GLVC Athletic Trainers.

On Thursday, the NCAA Sport Science Institute released Developing Standards for Practice and Competition, which addresses resocialization of collegiate sport and includes new guidelines specific to the prevention of community spread of COVID-19 in the athletics setting. One of those standards is testing of student-athletes.

The GLVC has immediately begun a thorough review process of NCAA recommended guidelines and intends to make a final decision regarding competition in the near future.