Chris Gervino has covered many memorable games in his 30-plus year career in local sports television. Unfortunately, somes of those finishes make even the truest son of Old Mizzou feel snakebit. Gervino took us down heartbreak road on the Chariton Valley Magic City Sports Talk Show….

There were some positive highlight games during his 20-year run at KOMU, including the Tigers’ 2007 victory over rival Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium that pushed the football team to the top of the national rankings. Gervino shared one personal favorite…..

The presentation of sports highlights on television has become a flashy production since the evolution of ESPN Sportscenter. Gervino said his style was based simply on being himself….

Chris Gervino delivered his final sportscast at KOMU-TV one week ago. He will continue his work on the Tiger Radio Network as part of the broadcast team for football and men’s basketball. You can find the full interview on the Chariton Valley Magic City Sports Talk page in the sports section of