Funding For Rural Roads, Bridges In $1.2t Infrastructure Package

Roads, bridges, railways, and waterways stand to benefit from an infusion of federal funds allocated by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed by the House late Friday night.  The $1.2 trillion measure passed with some bipartisan support, after receiving a comfortable majority in the Senate earlier this year.  Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition, says that includes $110 billion dedicated to roadways, with $40 billion specifically for bridges, and many of the projects will be in rural areas.

Steenhoek adds that the bill also allocated $17 billion for improvements to waterways, including ports, locks and dams.

The infrastructure bill also allocates $66 billion for railways, $25 billion for airports, and $15 billion for electric and zero-emission vehicle projects.  Another $256 billion will cover categories outside transportation, including high-speed internet, electric and power, and clean drinking water.

The bill received scant support from Missouri’s congressional delegation, with just Republican Senator Roy Blunt and Kansas City Democratic Representative Emmanuel Cleaver voting in favor.