Fourth Times’s The Charm: Green City Gophers Reach State Final Four

For the first time since 1993, the Green City Gophers are headed to the state semifinals after a 71-58 win over Prairie Home-Bunceton.

The Gophers got out to a double-digit lead ahead of the second quarter. Green City kept its foot on the gas in the second to open up a big lead.

Steven Findley Jr with the calls on 104.7 KRES and The lead hovered around 15 points throughout the third quarter. BPH made a furious push in the fourth.

That bucket was a part of a 5-0 run for BPH. The Gophers withstood the comeback, closing the game out with a 10-2 run. Xander Salas converted 11 of 14 attempts from the free throw line in the fourth.

Salas finished with a team-high 37 points, 21 coming in the first half. Asher Buggs-Tipton produced 21 points. Coach Matt Ayers talked about overcoming the BPH rally.

It was the fourth consecutive state quarterfinals game for the Gophers, having lost the previous three times.

Layne Brandes finished with 18 points for BPH. Green City takes on 27-3 Chadwick at Mizzou Arena Friday morning.

Green City coach Matt Ayers: