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Former Mexico Superintendent and Board President Praise Interim Superintendent Chastain

The Mexico Schools and Dr. Tammy Lupardus reached a retirement settlement last month after the superintendent served less than one year in the district. Lupardus evaluates interim Superintendent Melissa Chastain, who assisted Lupardus last year.

As previously reported, Lupardus speculates some Mexico School Board members preferred an internal superintendent hire when she arrived last July. Lupardus further questions Chastain’s interim tag.

Board President Todd Yager maintains Lupardus’ settlement stemmed from performance reasons. The board named Chastain next year’s interim superintendent when it announced Lupardus’ retirement. Yager insists Chastain is a long-term candidate.

Lupardus accepted half of her three-year contract to exit the district. The former Mexico superintendent says the district executed a performance review a few months before it placed her on administrative leave for another performance review.




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