Final MBCA Basketball Polls

The final Missouri Basketball Coaches Association polls are out.

Beginning with girls, Cairo is 2nd in Class 1, Meadville is 5th and Green City receives votes. In class 3, Centralia ends 3rd, South Shelby is tied for 8th and Palmyra receives votes. The Moberly Lady Spartans are 7th in class 4. In class 6, Rock Bridge is 3rd and Hickman receives votes.

Area boys teams ranked are Green City and Salisbury ranked 3rd in classes 1 and 2 respectively. Also, in class 1, Prairie Home/Bunceton is 8th, Higbee is 9th and Brunswick receives votes. Also, in class 2, Harrisburg ends tied for 8th, New Franklin 10th and Canton receives votes. In Class 3 boys, Palmyra ends 9th. In class 4, Tolton is 5th and Mexico is 6th. In Class 6, Hickman is 6th and Rock Bridge receives votes.