Federal Financial Aid Deadlines

Amy Hager, Director of Financial Aid at MACC, has important reminders about financial aid, and deadlines heading into the 2024-25 school year, as well as important reminders regarding the remainder of the Spring 2024 semester.

For those not familiar with the initial process of the FAFSA application, Hager outlined the basics.

Because of how overwhelming all of the steps and deadlines can be, Hager noted the differences with each school.

There are some noteworthy changes between the filing process last school year and this upcoming one. Hager reminded the listeners that they will need to provide consent to share tax information for this upcoming school year. Additionally, Hager also reminded about the importance of paying attention to emails when it asks for “contributor” information, as well as some other friendly reminders.

More information can be found online at studentaid.gov.