Farmers Union Sees Foreign Buyers As Part of Bigger Land Ownership Issue

Farm groups and lawmakers are taking a closer look at who is buying America’s farmland, highlighted in part by Governor Mike Parson’s executive order earlier this month targeting buyers from countries considered foreign adversaries.  Missouri Farmers Union president Dr Tom Coudron says while his group has long preferred American farmland stay in American hands, the issue is much more complex than just a buyer’s nationality.

Coudron says a larger concern for Farmers Union members is not just where a buyer’s from, but also if they even plan to use the land for agriculture.

And it’s one of the several issues landowners are facing in terms of their ability to farm and maintain their property.

Missouri Farmers Union members conducted their annual business meeting Jan. 13th virtually, including policy discussions that will carry into National Farmers Union’s 122nd Annual Meeting in Arizona this March.