Early April Fools Present From Mother Nature: Boone, Ralls County Resume Abnormal Dryness

April Fools Day may have arrived a week early for parts of Northeast Missouri, as another patch of abnormal dryness returned to the region, while an earlier patch expanded back into Boone County.  This week’s US Drought Monitor shows a return of pre-drought conditions to a majority of Boone County, along with southwestern Audrain and northwestern Callaway counties.  Ralls County is once again in abnormal dryness, along with western Pike and tracts along the county line in neighboring counties.

Dryness crept back into parts of Southwest Missouri as well, as severe drought returned to western Barton County, and moderate drought resumed in the rest of Barton along with central and southern Vernon and northwest Jasper counties.  Abnormal dryness is now present in western Cedar and Dade, along with southwestern Saint Clair and northern Vernon counties.  1.5 percent of Missouri is in drought, with another six percent in abnormal dryness.