Drive To Feed Kids Sets Ambitious Goal To Coincide With State Bicentennial
FFA members pour elbow macaroni through a funnel into a bag, packaging the meal for a family in need. Over 108,000 meals were packaged in the inaugural Food Insecurity Day of Service, Aug. 15th, 2017, during the 115th Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

More than 900 Missouri 4-H and FFA members will make their way into the Lowell Mohler Assembly Hall on August 17th with one goal in mind: feeding even more Missouri families in need than in previous years.  The annual Drive To Feed Kids day of service will again take place during the Missouri State Fair, and fair director Mark Wolfe says this year, the project has set an ambitious goal.

Visitors to the fair that day will again have an opportunity to contribute to the cause and receive discounts in return.

Missouri State Fair director Mark Wolfe adds that swine exhibitors have the option this year to contribute to the Drive To Feed Kids by consigning their market hogs to the Hogs For Hunger Project.  The Drive To Feed Kids is sponsored by Missouri Farmers Care and their partners.