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Development Continues On Batteries Made From Soybeans

Photo courtesy Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and Kansas Polymer Research Center at Pittsburg State University

In a matter of years, the pack of batteries you buy from the store might be made from soybeans.  Researchers at Pittsburg State University, supported by the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, are developing new uses for bio-based polymers.  Ram Gupta with the Kansas Polymer Research Center says the batteries they’re developing make use of soy residue after harvest.

Gupta says the production process is relatively easy and inexpensive, providing an opportunity for manufacturers to adopt a greener alternative to their current processes.  He adds that a variety of batteries can be produced.

Ram Gupta of Pittsburg State University says his team hopes to also use soy-based polymers to produce a hydrogen fuel cell, which would result in cleaner emissions from vehicles.

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