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Dairy Prepares For A Return To Normal

It’s been a month since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention amended their advice for mask wearing and social distancing, with many restaurants and businesses going back to as close to normal as they can.  That could mean a return to previous habits, both when eating out and at home.  Molly Pelzer, CEO of Midwest Dairy, says she hopes people will retain some habits they developed while cooped up at home, particularly those that involve dairy products.

Changes to consumer habits have not only been impacted by the pandemic, but also evolving trends on social media and how consumers interact with retailers.  Pelzer says Midwest Dairy continues to adapt, especially as new generations become the primary focus of marketing campaigns.

Midwest Dairy CEO Molly Pelzer hopes consumers maintain and adopt diets that include dairy products, especially during National Dairy Month.  Midwest Dairy represents dairy producers in ten states.

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