Despite slightly lower corn production last year, Missouri farmers and elevators didn’t make use of as much of the grain over the winter. USDA’s quarterly grain stocks report indicates that the state started March with 253-point-six million bushels of corn on hand, an increase of 13 percent from last year. 165-million bushels remained on the farm, while 88-point-six million have made their way to the elevators. Only 83-point-two million bushels made their way out of state or into use over the winter. Nationwide, corn stocks in all positions were down eight percent from a year ago at seven-point-nine-five billion bushels.

For all other major grains, Missouri mirrored the national trend in having lower stocks than the previous year. The state had 114-point-seven million bushels of soybeans, down 14 percent. Nationwide stocks dropped 17 percent to two-and-a-quarter billion. Missouri held onto 13-point-three million bushels of wheat, with only 750-thousand bushels still on the farm. State stocks are over 32 percent lower than a year ago. Nationwide stocks in all positions totaled one-point-four-one billion bushels, down 11 percent. Sorghum stockpiles in Missouri’s elevators totaled 691-thousand bushels.