The City of Columbia and Boone County have seen a drastic decrease in new cases of the coronavirus and a rapid increase in patients recovering from it. As a result, Columbia Mayor Bob Treece says there is good news to report regarding services provided by Columbia hospitals.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to push off many appointments for a variety of medical conditions. Chief Medical Officer from Boone Hospital, Dr. Robin Blount says this will be a slow process.

Among the services that will gradually be provided include childhood immunizations, hernia surgeries, and cardiac catheters. These services will be able to be offered once the state of Missouri’s Stay-at-Home order is lifted after May 3rd. However, early indications are Columbia’s Stay-at-Home order will be extended. Mayor Treece says some restrictions will be eased following the extension.

Columbia’s current Stay-at-Home order is scheduled to expire Friday at 8am.