Citizens Express Frustrations During Route 3 Meeting

The Randolph County Commission hosted a public meeting Monday night at the Westran Fire Station in Huntsville to discuss the ongoing repair process for Route 3. Representatives from MoDOT, local legislators, the county commission and approximately 70 citizens attended the meeting. Many attendees expressed frustrations on the over two-year-long closure of the important roadway due to a slide. Representative Ed Lewis of Moberly reflected those frustrations.

MoDOT is waiting on completing the acquisition of the necessary right of way. Tentative plans call for that process to be completed in November. Randolph County Presiding Commissioner Sid Conklin said the biggest issue has been a lack of communication between MoDOT and local entities.

Lewis added there has been a lack of urgency in moving the project forward

MoDOT’s repair plans for that section of Route 3 are to shift it to the west and lower it to stable ground. They’re hopeful to begin repairs on the road next summer.