Cattle Producers Turn To Milo To Fend Off Drought Liquidation

Ranchers hoping to avoid feed shortages in the winter, especially if drought strikes again this summer, are being encouraged to look into grazing fields of sorghum.  The cash crop can also be used as a grain to graze during the winter, according to University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Gene Schmitz.  He tells Regional Radio that unlike corn for silage, the sorghum crop will reach maturity in the field before cattle begin to graze it.

Schmitz says with guidance from agronomist Rusty Lee of Montgomery County, a cattle producer in Green Ridge was able to use milo to hold onto his 600 Angus even as drought lingered in the region.  Schmitz explained some of the considerations that farmers need to address if adding sorghum to their grazing rotation.

MU Extension livestock specialist Gene Schmitz says cattle grazing sorghum crops need to be accustomed to electric fences, as to provide for a rotation through each portion of the field.