A federal judge sided with an agriculture coalition Monday, issuing a permanent injunction against California’s Proposition 65 warning requirement concerning glyphosate. The ruling removes the cancer warning on the popular type of herbicide that includes Bayer’s Roundup. In his ruling, district court judge William Shubb says that providing misleading or false labels to consumers “undermines California’s interest in accurately informing its citizens of health risks.” Shubb also ruled two years ago that government agencies and health organizations found there was no evidence that glyphosate caused cancer. The new ruling says it would be “misleading at best” to force parties to state on glyphosate-containing products that the products were known to cause cancer.

Missouri Farm Bureau was among several ag groups that celebrated the court win. In a statement, president Blake Hurst called it a “huge victory that at least one court in California” agrees with them. He adds that, “California’s labeling law would have harmed Missouri farmers by forcing any products using their corn or soybeans to be falsely labeled as a carcinogen.” However, Hurst cautioned that the decision would likely be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.