Canadian Farmers Prepare For Third Straight Trudeau Ministry

Canadian voters ultimately told their lawmakers to carry on, delivering minimal changes to their House of Commons after last week’s snap election.  That means Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will again need 12 votes from other parties to push through his Liberal Party’s agenda.  Real Agriculture editor Shaun Haney tells Regional Radio that could significantly influence how climate issues are addressed.

Haney says that while Trudeau has the same number of lawmakers to choose from for his cabinet, he’ll have some options from the ag-centric prairie provinces that are traditionally Conservative strongholds, unlike the previous term.

However, a handful of ministers failed in their re-election bids, including Maryam Monsef, the Minister for Rural Economic Development.  Haney says Monsef’s portfolio had included a focus on improving infrastructure, and those efforts did receive some attention on the campaign trail.

One major achievement of the last term, ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, didn’t come up as much during the election, if at all.  Haney says trade usually is not a ballot box priority.

Shaun Haney is editor of the Canadian ag publication Real Agriculture and is a regular contributor to “AgriTalk”, heard weekday mornings at 10:05 on KRES.