Cal-Maine To Open Egg Processor In Former Tyson Plant

One of the two poultry processing plants in Southern Missouri that Tyson Foods closed last fall will soon have a new owner.  The Southeast Missourian reports that Cal-Maine Foods will purchase the facility in Dexter, with plans to open an egg processor.  Cal-Maine is the nation’s largest egg producer and distributor, with facilities in Missouri and 15 other states.  The Mississippi-based company says they plan to begin operations in Dexter with an egg-grading facility, with the potential to include processing capabilities for egg products, including hard-cooked eggs. Cal-Maine adds that they plan to enter into agreements with several farmers who previously contracted with Tyson to convert their operations to support Cal-Maine Foods’ cage-free, free-range, or pasture-raised egg production operations.

Initial operations will commence after a $13 million investment, creating 90 jobs.  Full operations could support 300 total jobs; however, that would be fewer than half of the positions lost when Tyson ended their Dexter operations in October.