Brown Sentenced For Threats In Macon County

The Missouri Attorney General’s office announced that Rodney Brown has received a 17-year sentence in Macon County, in connection to his convictions for threatening Circuit Judge Rick Tucker and threatening a children’s division worker. The jury deliberated for less than an hour last year before finding Brown guilty.

At trial, the Attorney General’s Office presented evidence that Brown told others that Judge Tucker would “be met at the courthouse door with a bullet to his forehead” if he ruled against Brown’s family in a dispute over a child. The AGO also presented evidence that, after a hearing, Brown approached a children’s division employee and threatened to “slit [her] throat.  The AGO also presented testimony from the Macon County Sheriff about an incident where Brown indicated he and others would build a gallows on the courthouse lawn to “hang traitors.” Judge Thomas Redington sentenced Brown to a total of 17 years in prison.

The AGO has also charged Brown for allegedly threatening Judge Tucker in Shelby County in another incident. Judge Redington will set that case for trial.