Missouri remains in the top ten for funds claimed to cover livestock and non-specialty crop losses blamed on the coronavirus pandemic. USDA’s weekly update of applications received and funds distributed from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program indicates that Missouri farmers have filed the most applications seeking coverage for their livestock losses, at over 11-thousand. However, 71 million dollars has been allocated to the state so far, good for seventh in the nation. Another 54-hundred applications indicate price losses in non-specialty, to which USDA has covered nearly 26-and-a-half million dollars. Just under 47-thousand dollars are covering specialty crop losses from 13 applications, while 198 dairy producers have received about two-point-two-four million dollars. Missouri sits at just under 100 million dollars received from CFAP funds, good for 11th in the nation.

Iowa now ranks first overall, receiving 314-point-three million dollars in aid from 30-thousand applications submitted. The Hawkeye State also ranks first in compensated livestock losses at almost 150 million dollars, and in non-specialty crop losses covered with 143-point-seven million dollars.  With almost 275-thousand applications submitted, USDA has distributed nearly two-point-nine billion dollars in funds to farmers, out of 16 billion allocated. Half of the monetary losses claimed are livestock. Applications for CFAP funding are due August 28th to the Farm Service Agency.