Ag Exports From Ukraine Remain At Standstill

Four months into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe is struggling to export the remainder of last year’s crop and harvest this year’s production.  Antonina Broyaka , visiting professor of ag economics at Kansas State University…

Before the war, Ukraine was the world’s sixth largest grain exporter, accounting for nine percent of the world’s wheat shipments, and nearly half the world’s sunflower oil.  Now, Russian forces and pro-Kremlin separatists occupy most of Ukraine’s territory along the Black Sea, where most of Ukraine’s grain is normally shipped.  Broyaka says Russia is passing off grain stored in occupied areas as their own exports.

K-State visiting professor of ag economics Antonina Broyaka fled Ukraine with her family when Russian missiles struck parts of Vinnytsia, where she was working as a dean at the city’s agrarian university.