In the race for two seats on the Moberly City Council, Brandon Lucas had 639 votes and incumbent Austin Kyser had 558. Lucas reacts…

Zach Richardson finished third with 378. In the Moberly School Board race for two seats, Jimmy O’Loughlin and incumbent Debbie Young were the top two vote-getters with 591 and 550 votes. Bobby Riley Junior had 499 votes and Alan West had 444.

In the Westran School District, David Drew and Christopher Adler were elected to the board with 40 and 34 percent of the vote. In Huntsville City Council races, Connie Kissell won the Third Ward seat over Breanne Goble 24-17, and Doug Helmich beat Jon Gordy in Ward 4 25-12.

In the race for Mayor of Higbee, Ricky Switzer beat Carl Wheeler 119-46. In the race for the MACC Board of Trustees, John Cochran and Jim Cooksey both won re-election, with 46 and 42 percent of the total vote. In the Randolph County Ambulance District Number 4 race Johnny Milnes (mil-neez) won re-election.

The Hallsville Schools passed a six million dollar bond issue for facilities, including additional middle school classrooms and an athletic track. Bryan Wildenhain and Shaunna Turner took Hallsville School Board seats. Logan Carter is Hallsville’s mayor. In Alderman Ward One, Ryan Johnson beat Stephen McLane by five votes. In Ward Two, Tony Lindsay topped Krisan Lewis by six votes. Harrisburg Schools voters passed a three million dollar bond issue for several projects, including an elementary/middle school library and computer lab addition. Hal Fisher and Devin Stidham secured three-year Harrisburg School Board positions. Josh Byrd missed a seat by six votes. The Centralia School District passed a 10 million dollar bond issue for facilities. Brian Bostick and Jacob Heimer claimed school board seats. In the Sturgeon School District, Ben Pollock and Kenneth Ladyman grabbed three-year board seats. Jill Halliburton missed a seat by six votes. Seth Truesdell and David Day sealed Sturgeon Board of Aldermen spots.

In the race for Macon Mayor challenger Scott Bigham was victorious by a vote of 587-514. Cheryl Blaise (Blaze) won the race for Macon Councilman Ward 4. Chris Nelson and Billy Anderson won the two open seats on the Macon County R-1 School Board. In Atlanta, incumbent Lisa Bender was victorious in the race for mayor. Carlotta Beckie Hruska, and Edwin Rhoades won the two open seats on the Atlanta Board of Alderman. Justin Nelson and Charles Watson were the winners in the Atlanta School Board race. Brenda Jennings and Lisa Harrington won the two open seats on the Bevier School Board. In the race for two open seats on the Callao Board of Aldermen Christie Nolte and Craig Gorham were the top vote-getters. The winners in the Ethel City Council race were Johnny Grigsby and Lynn Mason. In the race for Hudson Special Road District Commissioner Robert E. Lewis was victorious.

Daryl Noll comfortably won the race for Chariton County 911 Director with 87 percent of the vote. The Salisbury transportation tax proposition passed with 86 percent approval. Salisbury individual winners were Dianne Cooper and Christopher Wilhoit for school board as well as Steve Sanders for 1st Ward Alderman. Keytesville School Board seats were won by Jessica Shannon and Shawn Bartholomew. Ronald Rodgers won the Mendon Mayor race. Justin Fainter received the most votes for Mendon Board of Alderman. Richard Leppin received four more votes than Troy Fainter for the second open seat. Both Mendon propositions passed. The Brunswick Mayor race was won by Diane Rice. Deanna Miles and write in Michael Hamilton won the two seats for Brunswick Board of Alderman.

In the race for two open seats on the New Franklin School Board, Kevin Beaman had 148 votes, and Kara Schnell had 145. Travis Hundley finished third with 103. The city of New Franklin’s Prop A, was rejected 51-44.

The Linn County ballot question regarding a countywide sales tax passed with 62 percent of the vote. A four-way race for three open seats on the Linn County Health Department Board of Trustees Ryan Montgomery, Becky Fitzgerald, and William Copple were the top vote-getters. In a five-way race for two open seats on the Brookfield School Board Ryan Burns and Jim McIntyre received the most votes. The Brookfield School District Proposition Bulldogs passed with 58 percent of the vote. The Meadville School District’s Proposition 2 comfortably passed with 93 percent of the vote. In a three-way race for two open seats on Brookfield City Council, Lonnie Trentham and Jack Forbes were the winners. Both Proposition A and Proposition B in Brookfield passed with 65 percent of the vote. The ballot proposition in Browning also passed with 88 percent of the vote. The Bucklin ballot question passed with 77 percent of the vote. In a race for two open seats on the Laclede Board of Alderman, Ed Evans and Cinthia Ludington were the top vote-getters. In the Marceline City Council race Josh Shoemaker and Brian Baker won the two open seats. Marceline’s Proposition Public Safety passed by one vote by a final of 70-69.

Adair County Ambulance District Question 1 passed with 59 percent of voters approving it. Jennifer Blacksmith and Steven McHenry were the winning candidates in a four-person race for two open seats on the La Plata School Board. In the race for two open seats on the Brashear School Board, Julie Hettinger and Jessica Lunsford were the winning candidates. In a three-way race for two open seats for Greentop Alderman At-Large Ashley Robeson and Connie Halford were the winners. In a four-way race for two open seats for Brashear Alderman At-Large Tristin Smith and Matt McKim were the top two vote-getters. In the most crowded race of the night, eight candidates battled for three open seats on the Kirksville City Council. Zac Burden, Kabir Bansal and Jennifer Walston received the three most votes. The ballot question for the City of Novinger passed with 86 percent of vote. Props 1 and 2 in Novinger also passed with 71 and 66 percent of the vote respectively.

In the race for two open seats on the Monroe City School Board, Roger Pennewell had 46 percent of the vote and Brad Williams had 44 percent.

Marti McGoldrick and Kevin Buckallew were the winners for the Schuyler County School Board. The Lancaster Fire and Rescue Protection District question passed with 71 percent voting yes. Ashley Queen City Board of Aldermen seats were won by Bill Byrn and Bill Ford.

The Shelbyville question passed with 80 percent approval. It will renew the 30 cent tax levy increase in the City of Shelbyville for four more years. The two open Shelby County R-IV School Board seats were won by Stewart Hatcher and Scott Gough. Both Clarence propositions were defeated. Dennis Williams and Myrna Carothers were the top vote getters for Clarence Board of Aldermen. Carl Bastian unanimously won the vote for Hunnewell Mayor. Vonda Trivette and Thomas Mayes won the Hunnewell Board of Aldermen seats. Bethel Board of Trustees winners were Jon Miles, Bill Reitz and Helen Farran.

Ryan Barnes and Janelle Hepler earned Green City School Board seats. Randy McCollum won Milan northward alderman with 58 percent of vote.

In the race for two seats on the Community School Board, Rhonda Curtis had 128 votes and Daniel Schafer had 114 votes. The two open Laddonia Board of Aldermen seats were won by Travis Lybarger and Tresa Hodges. In the Mexico School Board race for two seats, Scott Nichols and Nicole Jahn were the leading vote getters with 474 and 433 votes. Heather DeMint finished with 420 votes. In the Van Far School Board race, Dustin Holt and Bryan Evans were the top-two vote getters with 249 and 202 votes. Dana Keller finished with 128 votes. The Van-Far Ambulance District Proptery Tax Increase passed with 67 percent approval. The Ambulance District is permitted to increase its authorized tax levy by 17.15 cents per one hundred dollars assessed valuation.

Shelly Bugh and Alan Peavler filled the two seats for the Knox County School Board. In the race for the Edina Board of Aldermen, Rick Yoakum filled the open seat with 33 votes. Crystal Murr finished with 20 votes.