26 Area Wrestlers Place 3rd-6th at State

Nine Class 1 boys, nine Class 1 girls and eight Class 2 boys placed third through sixth at the MSHSAA State Wrestling Championships.

Five of the nine Class 1 boys were Centralia Panthers, with Rex Bryson in third being the highest finisher. Coach Luke Gramke says he saw good things, but the week could’ve been better.

Half of the Class 2 boys were Moberly Spartans. Gage St. Clair took fifth. Austen and Tyler James took sixth along with Carter Smith. Smith missed last season because of a torn ACL from football.

Palmyra’s Brayden Pillars was happy to place fifth.

Madisynn Crawford of Kirksville was one of four girls third place finishers. To get to the match, she pinned Palmyra’s Ellyse Lorenson. She said her approach was simple.

14 Big K wrestlers made the state finals.

Class 1 Boys Placers

Finalists- Peyton Parn, Devan Parn, Xavier Sada (Brookfield), Conner Quinn (Marceline), Isaac Kauffman (Macon)
3rd- Colton Parn (Brookfield), Rex Bryson (Centralia)
4th- Charlie Robinson, Wyatt Adkisson (Centralia)
5th- Ryder Techau (Brookfield), Weston Ward, Ian Tuggle (Centralia), Brayden Pillars (Palmyra)
6th- Rhett Pollard (Macon)

Class 1 Girls Placers

Finalists- Jayden Keller, Riley Howell (Brookfield), Callie Bergthold (Southern Boone), Breanne Gibbs (Moberly), Jayci Shelton (Centralia), Alexus Johns (Mexico)
3rd- Audrionnah Donahue (Bonnville), Payton Weese (Marceline), Mya Sackrey (Brookfield), Madisynn Crawford (Kirksville)
4th- Zafaran Satterfield (Southern Boone)
5th- Candace Calvert (Hallsville), Nova Porter (Southern Boone), Ellyse Lorenson (Palmyra)
6th- Alivia Bottoms (Boonville)

Class 2 Boys Placers

Finalists- Carlos Juarez-Ramirez, Grant Van Horn (Mexico), Parker Crane (Hallsville)
3rd- Austyn Hunter (Kirksville)
4th- Xavier Flippin (Boonville)
5th- Gage St. Clair (Moberly)
6th- Jaden Crisp (Kirksville), Tyler James, Austen James, Carter Smith (Moberly), Emille Scanavino (Mexico)

Class 1 Boys Day 2 Results


Bryson Dubes (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 8-6 to Jacob White (Trenton)


Xavier Sada (Brookfield)
Semifinals- WBF 2:29 over Caleb Moore (Central New Madrid County)

Waylon Adkisson (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 13-3 to Dylan Hall (St Pius X KC)


Rhett Pollard (Macon)
Semifinals- LBF 1:36 to Daylen Greene (Holden)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 9-2 to Alex Martin (Penney)
5th Place Match- LBF 2:49 to Nolan Laux (Fatima)


Ryder Techau (Brookfield)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 16-8 over Noah Lovell (Lone Jack)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 7-1 to Charlie Robinson (Centralia)
5th Place Match- WBF 2:28 over Kalan Fallert (Valle Catholic)

Charlie Robinson (Centralia)
Semifinals- L 7-6 to Augustus Heintz (Rock Port)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- W 7-1 over Ryder Techau (Brookfield)
3rd Place Match- L 7-0 to Cody Strope (Fatima)


Peyton Parn (Brookfield)
Semifinals- WBF 1:57 over Robbie Lasky (Lone Jack)


Drew Griffin (Marceline)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 3-1 to Damian Alkire (Butler)


Weston Ward (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:58 over Logan Stewart (Sherwood)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 4-1 to Draken Bennett (Maysville)
5th Place Match- WBF 2:44 over Keaton Coots (Lathrop)

Cody Rodgers (Marceline)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 3-2 to Keaton Coots (Lathrop)


Colton Parn (Brookfield)
Semifinals- L 3-1 to Marco Dalakishvili (St Pius X KC)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- W 3-1 (SV-1) over Carter Harms (Maysville)
3rd Place Match- W 5-0 over Emory Crawford (Eldon)

Louis Suddarth (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:00 to Emory Crawford (Eldon)


Rex Bryson (Centralia)
Semifinals- LBF 5:22 to Noah Gonzalez (St Pius X KC)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:38 over Trae Griffiths (Maysville)
3rd Place Match- WBF 2:32 over Drake Murrell (Warsaw)

Conner Quinn (Marceline)
Semifinals- W 5-0 over Drake Murrell (Warsaw)


Wyatt Adkisson (Centralia)
Semifinals- L 4-2 (SV-1) to Braxton Ernst (Lafayette County)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:33 over Brayden Pillars (Palmyra)
3rd Place Match- L 7-4 to Peyton Shaver (St Pius X Festus)

Brayden Pillars (Palmyra)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 3:31 over Paxton Pyle (Tipton)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 0:33 to Wyatt Adkisson (Centralia)
5th Place Match- W 19-1 over Tre’Vyon Chatman (STEAM Academy)


Isaac Kauffman (Macon)
Semifinals- W 10-2 over Aidyn Merchant (Macks Creek)


Devan Parn (Brookfield)
Semifinals- W 7-5 over Mayson Edwards (South Harrison)


Ian Tuggle (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 3:37 over Derron Perkins (St May’s South Side)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 5-2 to Caden Munson (Lafayette County)
5th Place Match- WBF 4:35 over Crae Coffey (South Harrison)


Cade Smith (Centralia)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 1-0 to Jarrett Eivins (South Harrison)



Class 1 Girls Day 2 Results


Candace Calvert (Hallsville)
Semifinals- LBF 0:45 to Bailey Martin (Kearney)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 3:42 to Aleah Conrad (El Dorado Springs)
5th Place Match- W 3-1 over Janessa Avila (St Clair)


Jayden Keller (Brookfield)
Semifinals- WBF 0:46 over Mallori Edwards (Eldon)


Audrionnah Donahue (Boonville)
Semifinals- LBF 5:29 to Jade Brundige (Savannah)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 4:36 over Nova Porter (Southern Boone)
3rd Place Match- WBF 1:16 over Addison Eddelman (Odessa)

Nova Porter (Southern Boone)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 3-1 over Allison Missey (Potosi)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:36 to Audrionnah Donahue (Boonville)
5th Place Match- W Medical Forfeit


Callie Bergthold (Southern Boone)
Semifinals- WBF 3:09 over Dalayna Hargis (South Callaway)


Alivia Bottoms (Boonville)
Semifinals- LBF 2:25 to Yoo Lee (Chillicothe)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 9-7 to Addison Geller (Ste Genevieve)
5th Place Match- LBF 3:46 to Zoe Fischer (Pacific)


Zafaran Satterfield (Southern Boone)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 0:42 over Sam Iage (Blair Oaks)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:53 over Trinity Butler (Festus)
3rd Place Match- LBF 1:35 to Mireya Gonzalez (Lexington)


Riley Howell (Brookfield)
Semifinals- WBF 5:28 over Hailey Roark (Cassville)

Payton Weese (Marceline)
Semifinals- LBF 5:32 to Dorie Richardson (Sulliva)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- W 6-5 over Eddyson Reeves (Herculaneum)
3rd Place Match- WBF 2:31 over Hailey Roark (Cassville)


Breanne Gibbs (Moberly)
Semifinals- WBF 1:08 over Sarah Wilson (Marshfield)


Mya Sackrey (Brookfield)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 4:13 over Lorelei Weaver (Lafayette County)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 3:00 over Ella Bradley (De Soto)
3rd Place Match- W Medical Forfeit

Jayci Shelton (Centralia)
Semifinals- WBF 2:46 over Ella Bradley (De Soto)


Madisynn Crawford (Kirksville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:00 over Gianna Schreck (Union)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:30 over Ellyse Lorenson (Palmyra)
3rd Place Match- W Injury Forfeit 1:40 over Isabella Whitlock (Marshfield)

Ellyse Lorenson (Palmyra)
Semifinals- L 5-2 to Alana Thelin (Pleasant Hill)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:30 to Madisynn Crawford (Kirksville)
5th Place Match- WBF 3:17 over Karalena Steinhauser (Lexington)


Alexus Johns (Mexico)
Semifinals- WBF 3:38 over Isabella Winingear (Holt)



Class 2 Boys Day 2 Results


Carlos Juarez-Ramirez (Mexico)
Semifinals- W 3-2 over Lawson Francis (Savannah)

Kaiden Leonard (Moberly)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 19-2 to Victor Schmalz (Pleasant Hill)


Paxton Crane (Hallsville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 2-0 to Jaden Crisp (Kirksville)

Jaden Crisp (Kirksville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 2-0 over Paxton Crane (Hallsville)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:57 to Will Erickson (Cameron)
5th Place Match- LBF 2:18 to Zachary Green (Osage)


Tyler James (Moberly)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 6-4 over Carter Shipers (Chillicothe)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 1:53 to Easton DeMilia (Blair Oaks)
5th Place Match- L 8-0 to Simon Hartline (Monett)


Justin Schutter (Kirksville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 2:13 to Steven Buddemeyer (Owensville)


Jayden Davis (Boonville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- L 14-3 to Conner Roach (Sullivan)


Xavier Flippin (Boonville)
Semifinals- L 6-3 to Caiden Davison (Odessa)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:51 over Aiden Minor (Pleasant Hill)
3rd Place Match- L 7-0 to Austyn Hunter (Kirksville)

Parker Crane (Hallsville)
Semifinals- WBF 3:44 over Owen Drury (Ste Genevieve)

Austyn Hunter (Kirksville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:24 over Ryder Coons (Mid-Buchanan)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- WBF 2:54 over Owen Drury (Ste Genevieve)
3rd Place Match- W 7-0 over Xavier Flippin (Boonville)


Austen James (Moberly)
Semifinals- LBF 3:53 to Andrew Manley (Seneca)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 1:12 to Ethan Nash (Benton)
5th Place Match- LBF 1:49 to Bryson Whitman (Hollister)


Jacob Plummer (Hallsville)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 3:45 to Gage Gross (Ste Genevieve)


Grant Van Horn (Mexico)
Semifinals- W 18-8 over Gage Jones (Cameron)


Gage St. Clair (Moberly)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 6-1 over Case Melzer (Harrisonville)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- LBF 4:06 to Colton Roark (Cassville)
5th Place Match- W 3-2 over Brendan Marquess (Marshall)


Carter Smith (Moberly)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 3-1 over Aiden Cruz (Knob Noster)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 7-2 to Elijah Brocksmith (Fulton)
5th Place Match- LBF 2:26 to Tyler Longobardi (Nevada)


Emille Scanavino (Mexico)
3rd Rd Wrestlebacks- W 2-1 (TB-1) over Shea Eberhardt (Herculaneum)
4th Rd Wrestlebacks- L 6-3 to Bo Smith (Chillicothe)
5th Place Match- LBF 4:47 to Dakota Rankin (Plattsburg)